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6 Shoes That May Change A Lady’s Life

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world, Marilyn Monroe said, and I agree with her to a large extent.

As a girl, a lady or a woman, no matter how you choose to refer to yourself, your shoes are important, not just for how they add up to your fashion statement, but also because it affects your stepping. Ask a man, and he would tell you how important it is to step right.
Shoes, footwear, come in two main categories; Casual footwear and Dress footwear.

The dress footwear are usually worn when you are going all dressed up. They are usually made of leather and have a sleek and narrow shape. Examples of your dress shoes are the Pumps, Espadrilles, and Wedges etc. The Casual footwear on the other hand, are usually made with more sturdy materials, having non-leather soles, and they come in more relaxed shapes. Examples of casual footwear are flip-flops, slip-on, sneakers and your everyday sandal.
Shoes also come in flats, low heels, medium heels and high heels. The flats have no heels, the low heeled shoes have up to an inch heel, the medium heeled shoes have about 1 – 2⅟2 inches heel, while the high heeled shoes have over 2⅟2 inches heel.

Wearing the right shoe at the right time goes a long way in affecting you efficiency and productivity, as is popularly said: When the road gets tough, don’t quit. Just change your shoes.

Due to the different moods (both hormonal and otherwise) a woman goes through, below are six foot wears every girl should have.

Everyday Sandals
These are casual, and are worn when you are aiming for a chick, girlie look. They are comfy but also show that you can look great without much effort. They are great for the beach and for running around.

Casual Kicks
These are your sneakers and your slip-ons. They are for those days when you want to be the home girl. They are for a walk in the park, hang out with the peers, or a day at the cinemas. They also go great with jeans, fitted dresses or shorts!

Ballet Flats
These foot wears are comfortable as flat shoes, but also beautiful. They are a perfect blend of work and fun shoes, being chic and yet comfortable. Having them in a variety of colours would be a cool decision.

Wedges (Summer Wedges)
These are a great substitute when you want to dress up on heels, or add to your height, but don’t need to always watch your step as the more spiked heels may demand. With this you can dress up, and still maintain a little comfort. These are also worn to portray girlie, flirty looks.

Sling backs
These are the perfect shoes for a romantic date. They are cute and classy, and give an opportunity to show off great feet. These can be worn in platform or peep toe styles, but you should have one of these.

These are the shoes to portray efficient, corporate, confident woman looks. These are the number one working class woman shoes. Having them in black and nude colours also helps with the different office wears.

These are worn on those days when you can face the world on any level, and on those days when you only want to act and look like you can.

There are many other shoes that can be gotten (oh so many!), but having these basic ones for different engagements and outing is important, in order to be ready for every occasion.

You never know in what direction your mood will swing, and you will need the right shoe then.
As Cinderella said, one shoe can change your life.

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