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6 Steps To Always Dress Great

Your fashion sense says a lot about who you are, and so should be given the right priority.

Fashion has always being a part of the human race, always, and one of the many signs of maturity is having knowledge on how to always look good, no matter the occasion.
Since your dress sense is important, and portrays you, it should be developed, having yourself in mind. This may be one part you are allowed to think mainly of yourself, in the good light of course. If there was a single step to take to get a dress sense which complements you, it would be: Know Yourself.
Below are the main things you should take into consideration.

What Do You Portray
It is important to know how you want to be perceived. Do you want to be seen as classy, elegant, or young? Do you want to be seen as a serious person or as a laid back kind of person? These are questions you should ask yourself before you pick or wear outfit. Also try not to give people contradicting views of you so as not to look confused.

What Is Your Size
This can be a sensitive case, but it is important that you know and accept your size. Don’t go for undersized clothes. If you are a size 20, you can’t expect to look good in a size 14 wear, you may be able to put it on if it is made of a stretchy material, but it would rarely, if ever, look good on you. The same goes for wearing oversized clothes.

Get your size and wear it. You can look great no matter your size, but if you don’t like how you look, work on it, but don’t live in denial. It will only affect your self confidence.

What Is Your Shape
After knowing and accepting your size, know and accept your shape. There are sizes, and there are shapes.

Knowing your shape helps you know what styles to pick to accentuate your positives and downplay what could be seen as negatives.

There are different body shapes and they have peculiar ways to make them beautiful, it is all in the knowing and acceptance of what shape you have.

What Are Your Colours
This is more than your complexion; it is also about what colours suit your complexion. I know red suits me, as do other colours in the red family. Make the mirror your friend and keep trying out colours to see which is more pleasant and beautiful to your eyes. Also, colours affect moods and confidence, so be sensitive to your moods with each colour you try out, so you know what to wear at different times. Another part of knowing your colours is to learn basic colour matching skills, knowing what colour goes with which. The colour wheel comes in handy.

Seek the Right Help and Shop Right
This is a key part of developing your dress sense. You may know about your size, your shape, your colours, but if you can’t get the right place to get what you want, it turns out to be a moot point. For a great shopping experience, websites like or are great options. Also, sometimes, due to bias, we tend to have views of ourselves which are nothing but delusions. This is where an ‘outsider’ comes in. For other eyes to see your overall effect you have to find someone whose fashion eye you trust, I use my sisters in this regard, but your shopping store’s personnel can also fit in here.

Do. You.
Following the trends is good so as not to look archaic, but following the trends of fashion can also make you look like everyone else, and hide your unique substance. If you must follow a fashion trend, try to make it stand out. Dress up in a way that you want to be emulated, and not as though you are copying everyone else. Do you, do your own thing. Your dress sense is yours.

Fashion is a part of life, and the truth is that we are addressed as we are dressed, especially when it comes to new meetings or first impressions. So when you are dressing, don’t dress to kill, but dress to look great. With the above knowledge of yourself, you will dress with confidence, which is important because confidence is beautiful.

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