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Dress to Kill

Dress to Kill There is a popular maxim that says ‘the way you dress, is the way you will be addressed’, well, you will agree with me that this saying is true. Fashion means; a definitive or peculiar or often habitual manner of doing a particular thing. So fashion, in …

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6 Steps To Always Dress Great

Your fashion sense says a lot about who you are, and so should be given the right priority. Fashion has always being a part of the human race, always, and one of the many signs of maturity is having knowledge on how to always look good, no matter the occasion. …

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What to Wear? 😕 

By Gideon Ogbonna  For Crystalinksis Jane is sitting on the floor staring at her closet filled with clothes. Her head is clasped in her hands as she ponders on what to wear. For her, the red, flare, girly skirt is too short; the blue blouse is too tight; and the mustard …

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