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Myths & Truths


By Gideon Chukwuemeka Ogbonna

Over the years, we’ve seen illnesses shrouded in myths and misconceptions. For example, before, it was believed that HIV/AIDS could be contracted through touch and kisses. And some still have that belief.

In 2014, Rhiannon Salamone wrote on popular myths about some infectious diseases and the truths behind the diseases. Here is an excerpt of Salamone’s work:

1. Cholera

Myth: One has to be around a cholera patient to get cholera.
Truth: Cholera can also be gotten from unclean dishes, water ,etc.

Myth: Cholera has been eradicated.
Truth: Though it’s less common, there are still lots of cases. And doctors know how to deal with it.

2. Leprosy

Myth: One gets leprosy automatically by touching a leprous person.
Truth: One has to be in constant contact with a leprous person in order to get leprous. Also 95% of people are immune to the leprosy-causing virus.

3. Tuberculosis

Myth: The disease and infection are one and the same. Apart from tuberculosis, many often think that when one is infected, one has a disease already.
Truth: Infection isn’t deadly or contagious because the germ is inactive, but the disease is active and very contagious.

4. Athlete’s Foot

Myth: Happens only to athletes. Funny. Could it be because of the name? Does that mean Chickenpox happens only to chickens?
Truth: False! It is spread in dark, dump places. You don’t need to be Usain Bolt.

Myth: Happens because of bad hygiene
Truth: Wash your feet. Don’t dry it properly. You’ll come down with athlete’s food.


Myth: Gay couples can’t contract HIV from intercourse.
Truth: This is invalid. The virus can be gotten from blood and other bodily fluids where the virus can be located.

About Gideon Chukwuemeka Ogbonna

Gideon C. Ogbonna is a Professional Content Writer for Crystalinks Investment and Services Ltd. When asked, Gideon would tell you he is a Pharmacist by profession, but a writer by desire. He believes everything can have a life if words are breathed into them.

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