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Old Quotes in a New Year

By Gideon Chukwuemeka Ogbonna

New Year, New Me. Hackneyed words a new year is ladened with, plus numerous resolutions. Resolutions soon discarded. But here is a simple trick. We can stick to old rules in a new year. So here are five old health quotes to guide you in 2018.

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Water is the force driving nature (Leonardo da Vinci).

So drink water. Lots of it. The body loses a lot to sweat and urine. Always replace the deficit.

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Fruits and vegetables for some kids are scary and not fun (Michelle Obama)

Even for some adult, Michelle. This is an excerpt from JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire:

The fridge had been emptied of all Dudley’s favorite things — fizzy drinks and cakes, chocolate bars and burgers — and filled instead with fruit and vegetables and the sorts of things that Uncle Vernon called “rabbit food.”

But what Dudley and Uncle Vernon didn’t realize is that fruit and veggies and “rabbit food” contain nutrients that help protect against cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases. I know you know this. Stick to the greens.


Fitness is not about being better than someone else… It’s about being better than you used to be (Khloe Kardashian).

There was a time I tried working out (push-ups, squats, and all) not necessarily because I wanted to keep fit but because of aesthetics; to have a body for the girls. Lol. When the pain of the exercise coursed through my body, it wasn’t hard for me to quit; to believe that no girl will leave a man with 6 cars for one with 6 packs. Why? I was not my own motivation.

So keep up with the words of Khloe Kardashian. Exercise because you care about your health and not necessarily because you desire Anthony Joshua’s body. Become your own motivation. Sweat it out because of you.

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And of the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times… (1 Chronicles 12:32 KJV).

Understand the seasons and the illnesses that come with them. For example, malaria, common cold, pneumonia are popular during the rains. Mosquito nets and cardigans should be used in this period. No need to form “hard man”. Being strong is in your ability to protect yourself, not making yourself vulnerable.

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Drugs don’t work in patients who don’t take them (General C. Everett Coop).

Simple statement. Deep truth.

Learn not to “use and dump” drugs this year. Might not be a sweet relationship but drugs are loyal. Foul-smelling and unpleasant, I know, but they come into your body, do their job and leave when it is time. So why lay them off early? And though some might have to stay for life, ask yourself which is easier to bear: a plethora of ephemeral side effects or a body of permanent pain?

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