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The Church Girl (18)


By Ufuomaee

After writing his exams, Bode came home. One Sunday after service, I saw Pastor Williams holding his hand and they both entered the Pastor’s office.

When they wouldn’t come out after about one hour thirty minutes, Mrs Williams said we should go home that she would come back to the church later to pick Pastor. So we left to go and prepared lunch as the children were hungry.

About one hour after we got home, Pastor Williams trekked home with Bode. I didn’t need anybody to tell me he had been seriously scolded. He was looking like a kid whose mother didn’t remember to drop the key of the cupboard where his lunch was kept before she left the house.

Mummy and I were in the kitchen when they came in. Bode came to meet us there, greeted mummy and  then turned to me.

“Please, we need to talk privately, Pastor said I should come and meet you, so we can talk and sort things out.”

I wondered why, but then I turned to mummy “Am I allowed ma?”

“Of course, my dear. Go to your room,” she answered.

We both went inside the room and left d door widely opened. Goodness and Mercy (Pastor’s five year old twins) ran after us to the room.

I heard their mum shouting from the kitchen “Come here o, Mercy!, Goodness! Aunty Sewa will soon come and join you, don’t disturb them.”

As soon as the children left, Bode said “Please, I’m sorry for everything I’ve put you through. Pastor have made me realise my mistake, he really spoke to me. He even asked if I’m born again. I told him I was. I only yielded to the call of the flesh. He made me to pray a prayer of forgiveness, and I believe you have done the same, I also believe God has forgiven us. I promise you and God, just as I’ve promised my Pastor, that such will never happen again, not with you or any other woman, except the one I eventually get married to. Please ,find a place in your heart to forgive me,” he started shedding tears.

I asked him if he wouldn’t mind going to Lagos to meet my dad. He said he didn’t want to go initially, but Pastor Williams told him to go, so he has decided to go. He said he would go during the week. I gave him my dad’s number and he called him right there. Daddy told him to come on Thursday or Friday, as he won’t be in Lagos from Monday to Wednesday.

When he left, I told mummy everything we discussed.

She said “Thank God he’s able to realise his mistakes. Dont worry, God will surely perfect everything. Let’s just keep praying. He never fails.”

Again, we prayed about Bode’s meeting with my dad that God’s perfect will should be done. She asked if I had an idea of what my dad wanted to discuss with Bode. I said I had no idea, that my mum only told me that she had been talking to daddy everyday about my case, and she really begged him before he could agree to come to Oyan to meet Bode’s mum. And as God would have it, they needed to attend that programme at Ikirun which was just a few kilometers to Oyan.

“Well,all shall be well,” she answered.
Finally, Thursday came. Bode called me very early in the morning, to inform me that he was at the park, waiting for bus to be full and then, he would be on his way to Lagos.

What happened in Lagos?

What did he come back with?

Watch out in the final episode

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