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The Journey to London 1

Arriving Heathrow airport, my luggage was checked out and I headed towards the door where I saw the waiting person with my name written on the placard he was holding; poorly spelt. I dragged my small trolley further and I showed my I.D to the person who was waiting, and he gave me a warm smile, then added in his cool English accent “Welcome to London, I’m Liam” If he had stayed at just sending the smile, it would have been enough to tell me I was welcome. His smile held a lot of happiness showing someone with a happy heart. I had arrived London for a conference that held for a week and I was sponsored by Total to experience this workshop on the growing rate of education in Europe and other parts of the world. As Crystalinks Investment and Services, been a corporation that deals and majors in all form of travels and tours, the process was made easy and swift for me as they helped secure a hotel.
I longed for the outside, to see if all I had seen in the movies were real. The beautiful London streets, the famous London Bridge, I longed to feel and embrace the coolness of the wind and weather that I had envisioned to meet there for the schema in my head still referenced me back to how these actors were blown and exploded in love sensations like little kids in Nigeria, dancing with the early rains in May, carefree and filled with fun.
This was more reason why I went packed with mostly jackets, sweaters and thick shirts. That was my first time out of Nigeria and I didn’t want to be exposed to the ridicule and cold of the United Kingdom. We shook hands with Liam and he gestured for me to follow him as he led the way, taking the trolley from me so he could help me troll it to the waiting car. My mind drifted to how he easily did that. But in another way, I saw what he did as a show of gentility, humility and generosity; something we should all inculcate in our day to day activities, no matter how much of big shots we think we are.
I took a final glance at the wonderful interior of the airport; beautiful scene that drives you to an amazing dreamland, yet giving you the realest experience. The terminal resembled the turbulence of a tumbling stunt plane. Inside were vaulted ceilings filled with natural light. Inside were rows filled with security gates into huge central atrium that had in it, lounge, shopping and dining areas. All around the airport were beautiful artworks and sculptures that I will call eye-catching. I have been at the Murtala Muhammed 2 airport at Nigeria, which was a concession of a Public Private Partnership and is considered the best airport terminal in Nigeria, but it is nowhere near what I saw at London. And that rang a bell in my head and left me to believe that we as Nigerians needed to strive harder to develop more of our infrastructures and grow our economy in a better way.
I came back from my thoughts which had led me to a state of comatose and went after Liam who was leading the way and was already outside the airport. Stepping out came with a pinch of disappointment. I felt a surge of heat hit me as the scorching sun embraced me. I started to ask mind questions, have all these movies I’ve watched been deceitful? I wasted no time to ask Liam the question as he opened the door of the car for me to enter ‘Is this usually how this place is?’ he looked at me puzzled, trying to decipher what I meant. I added immediately ‘the weather, hot’ as he finally stepped in to the driver’s side. He chucked, ‘just like your own part of the world, we have the season where it’s usually hot and another, where it’s extremely cold’.
‘Gosh, I feel embarrassed right now, why didn’t I check up this stuffs before coming down, now I am left with nothing but warm jackets, how would I even survive? I have to get new clothes and I don’t have the luxury of time to go shopping right now. I am tired and the workshop starts tomorrow’
‘I don’t think you have to go shopping, Crystalinks Investment and Services also ventures into fashion and lifestyle. They have an online shop (snillocs.com, one of the sister companies of Crystalinks Investment and services Ltd.) where you can order what you want, variety of wears of your choice and also, they have the African couture that I am sure you will like to have.’ Liam said as he comfortably turned his steering wheel and moved into another street
‘Liam, you are life saver’
I hurriedly browsed through the site and made my order, wonderful collection in there. Early next morning, my order arrived. All I had asked for.
I was able to attend the opening lecture of the conference and my stay at London started at a good note.
Follow me as you continue to hear of my Journey to London in the next episode.

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Gideon C. Ogbonna is a Professional Content Writer for Crystalinks Investment and Services Ltd. When asked, Gideon would tell you he is a Pharmacist by profession, but a writer by desire. He believes everything can have a life if words are breathed into them.

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