The Woman

She is Female; the less physically aggressive gender, the more tender one, the one whose smile can lighten up the world.

She is a Girl; the annoyance to the boys, who may have to learn to throw right. She has her own idea of play, she loves girly things. She is more tender.

She is a Daughter; the one who makes her father’s heart to become more protective. She makes her mother want to relive her life, avoiding all the mistakes she made growing up.

She is a Sister; her brother’s escape route, her sister’s friend, she is the first friend of her siblings, learning to be both soft and strong.

She is an Aunt; the second mother to her nieces and nephews. She is their backup plan when their mother annoys them.

She is a Wife; her husband’s delight, his other half. She is everything he’s not, she completes him.

She is a Mother; she has tender lives looking up to her, she nature’s them, teaching them values, she cares for them, pouring her love on them, giving of herself as much as she can, holding nothing back.

She is a Colleague; dedicated to duty, doing all she can to deliver excellence. She knows what is expected of her and delivers.

She is a Nation Builder; giving back to the nation by birthing, nurturing, working, loving, giving and living.

She is a Woman.

Happy Women’s Day!

About Gideon Chukwuemeka Ogbonna

Gideon C. Ogbonna is a Professional Content Writer for Crystalinks Investment and Services Ltd. When asked, Gideon would tell you he is a Pharmacist by profession, but a writer by desire. He believes everything can have a life if words are breathed into them.

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