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What to Wear? 😕 

What to wear?

By Gideon Ogbonna 

For Crystalinksis

Jane is sitting on the floor staring at her closet filled with clothes. Her head is clasped in her hands as she ponders on what to wear. For her, the red, flare, girly skirt is too short; the blue blouse is too tight; and the mustard colored gown? Too long! So she sits and ponders on what to wear for her date. 

Most times, we find ourselves in the shoes of Jane (that is, if she’s also not confused about the shoe to wear). We rack our brains to find the right clothes and the right to accessories that will give us the right look for the occasion. Have you ever wondered why Mark Zuckerberg is only comfortable with his grey colored T-Shirt and blue denim pants? 

You see, there are so many outfits to choose from that one may not be exactly sure what is appropriate to wear for any occasion. What a person wears gives an impression of who he or she is, and it is important to know what to wear for any occasion as to leave a good impression.

Below are few tips for how to find something to wear and the different attire that is appropriate for various occasions to help you find the perfect outfit no matter where you are going.

Tips for Finding Something to Wear

1. A Party or A Date? 

First, it is always important to know the type of event you are going to. This way, you will know exactly what the expectations may be, and won’t show up wearing something like blue jeans and a t-shirt while everyone else is wearing a dress.

2. Is Winter coming?

Did I hear you say “Game of Thrones”? Lol

All I’m trying to say is be sure to know the season. This may be common sense, but knowing the time of the day of the event and the weather, especially if it is outside, will help determine what you should wear. For example, outdoor weddings require summer dresses whereas indoor weddings require formal gowns.

3. What’s in your closet? 

Look through the closet and try on different outfits and dresses to see if there is something to wear for the occasion.

4. Nothing in the closet? 

If there is nothing in the closet, it is time to shop for something elsewhere. Ask a friend to help pick the right thing to wear for the occasion.

5. Be sure to buy or find matching shoes and accessories to go with an outfit. Accessories and shoes add to the overall appearance of the outfit.

Once you know what the occasion is, it is time to start researching just what is typically worn to that occasion. 

Credit: Tips from EBay


About Gideon Chukwuemeka Ogbonna

Gideon C. Ogbonna is a Professional Content Writer for Crystalinks Investment and Services Ltd. When asked, Gideon would tell you he is a Pharmacist by profession, but a writer by desire. He believes everything can have a life if words are breathed into them.


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